Wanting to live the dream...

Jobs. Who needs 'em??!!

Well, really, I do. I wish I didn't. I wish I could do something cool, like teach or blog part time. Maybe have a baby or two. Be a work at home mom....but that's not the reality of my life right now. T currently makes half of what I do. If I were to go part time, there would be no immediate hope of babies, that's for sure. However, I dread going to work every day. Not because it's awful or it's long hours, but because it's boring and not even close to something I could be passionate about.

My current job is working as a technician in a research lab. I do menial lab tasks. I don't want to specify field, just for privacy sake. Mostly, it's boring. I work in windowless rooms all day. I do things that don't challenge me. I feel like monkey could do my job.

So, why did I take it?

I took the job because it was handed to me on a platter. Does anyone else ever do that? Someone gives you something and you feel like you have to take it. It's too good to be true! I was offered the position before I had even finished my degree. The pay and benefits alone, seemed like a gold mine to me (after a teaching assistant salary, anything was amazing). I was able to complete my training while finishing my last bit of school. It was a dream.

And it was easy.

I didn't have to job hunt. I didn't have to interview (which was a RELIEF after a failed interview a few months before). I didn't have to re-update my resume. Easy.

Lately, I had started to feel really down about it. I just began this job in January and every day I thought about how crummy my job was (I know, I know, at least I have a job!)....I craved what I saw from other bloggers. Work they were passionate about, whether that was another job or full-time blogging. I wanted that too.

So, I took the first step. I started looking into teaching positions. I figured out that for the most part, even community colleges wanted more teaching experience.

Ok, this means taking part-time teaching gigs, until I build experience. So, I started the application to become a part-time lecturer. This would put me working a second job, as there would be no way I could get away with only working part time, with no benefits (gotta save money for the future babies!).

I only began the application, then saved it, and exited the program. That's all I did, but it was so freeing!! It felt so good to start something. Do I really want to take a second job right now? Probably not right away, but in the mean time, I plan on looking into a few seminar courses in education methods to get me ready...

The whole point is I started.

And it feels pretty awesome.

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