I want to say no....

My fancy spray painting area, AKA our patio, a tarp, and a bucket.

So this conversation happened yesterday:

Me: Is it ok if I use a tarp to spray paint my stuff on?
T: *grimace*
Me: I just want to use the dirty one we used to cover the bikes.
T: I'd rather you not.
Me: Why?
T:*pause*...I want to say no....but I don't have a good reason. Does this ever happen when I ask you something?
Me: Um, YES.
Me: If it makes you feel any better, I usually just let you do what you want.
T: Really?
Me: Yeah.
T: *in mock serious voice* Fine. Take it and go.

We have like 3 tarps, so I was positive using one dirty/crummy tarp to spray paint my stuff on would be ok. Apparently not. Ha! I threw a garbage bag over the bucket because I'm sure if he was that picky about the tarp, he probably won't appreciate spray paint on the bucket....that we use to haul dirt. ;)

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