Clearing the Excess: Makeup Bag

The other day I realized I had a whole bag of makeup items that sat under my sink, not being used.

Now, I'm a pretty regular makeup wearer (when I get up in time!), but I don't use loads of products. I have a few basics that I wear several times a week, and then there's the rest. I also have quite a few items that are over 4 years, there's that.

Anyway, I had two identical makeup bags. One that sits out and I actually use stuff from, the other sits under my sink. I rarely use stuff from here and usually chalk it up to being "special occasion" makeup. Denial is fun.

So, I unloaded everything onto my counter. I split it into 3 piles: Basics, Special occasion (for real), and never will ever use/so old it's gross.

I tried to be honest here. Because even though the idea of sparkly violet eyeshadow appeals to me in some way, it's NOT my style. Accept it, move on.

Things I use regularly.

Things I don't use often, but do, in fact, use on the right occasion.

Items that were dried out or I keep telling myself I will use, but I don't.

Next, I tossed all the "don't use" stuff, cleaned out the makeup bags, and put everything back into one.

The other cleaned out makeup bag will go to Goodwill.

This was another easy thing (and was partially brought on by a need for new mascara), but its something.

Plus, looking at your get rid of pile, lets you see what you should shy away from in the future. For me it seems to be lip products (4 out of 9 total things!), like tinted balms and glosses.

Anyway, easy-peasy and now I have more room under my bathroom sink!

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