Five Things Friday

Its Friday once again! Hip-hip-hooray!

September has gone by in a flash. We've had more social items on our calendar this month, so I'm ready for a weekend of being a homebody....and maybe doing some crafting? We shall see.

This is what I feel like doing right now. Nap Time!

See that cute little bed our cat is sleeping on, well I'll have a super easy tutorial for it up soon. :)

On to the things that have brought me joy this week....

  1. Excellent food. We ate out TWICE in one week, just for my Birthday. 
  2. Pie. This year's birthday desert of choice.
  3. Mugs of tea. Its that time of year again.
  4. Apple picking! We've got, a beautiful, 20 lbs to make into all sorts of tasty things.
  5. The weather. Fall is wonderful.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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