A Meditation Challenge: Four Weeks to Bliss?

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I'm starting my journey to less grouch by creating a meditation challenge for myself. Now, let's get real, I have no idea of the proper way to meditate (if there is such a thing). Should my legs be crossed, uncrossed? Should I be lying down? Do I need to be in touch with my third eye? What the hell is my third eye? Needless to say, it seems pretty daunting to go into this uninformed, but I'll tell you the two most important things I have heard about meditation:
  • It clears the mind.
  • It helps you relax/de-stress.
Who doesn't want to relax??

So, my challenge to myself is to try to meditate consistently for four weeks. I've built a schedule as follows:
  1. Week One: meditate for five minutes every day
  2. Week Two: meditate for five minutes twice per day, every day.
  3. Week Three: bump one of the two sessions to ten minutes.
  4. Week Four: meditate for two ten minute sessions per day, every day.
In the end this leaves me, with twenty minutes of meditation per day. I can definitely fit 20 minutes of relaxation into my schedule!

I'll be sure to update on how its going. Meanwhile, here's a useful list of 20 practical tips for quieting the mind from Now go meditate!... or at least try. :)

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