What I'm Reading

Every now and then I like a good, non-fiction, piece of lit. I'm reading this on my Kindle and its pretty darn awesome. This woman has got GUTS! As a widow, she makes her way to Utah to put in a land claim (with a 3 yr old no less) and writes back to friends about her experiences. All of the letters are real and the dates on the letters begin in 1909. As a lover of all things historical fiction this non-fiction history is making me pretty darn happy. 

Other things I've read recently:

  • Girlfriend in a Coma - Douglas Coupland. Slightly bizarre, but good.
  • Change of Heart - Jodi Picoult. Very good. I really enjoy Jodi's style of writing.
  • North & South - Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell Good. Very Jane Austen-esque.
Not to get all cheesy here, but books are AMAZING. They really do let us experience new worlds. They provide, insight, advice, comfort...I was pretty shy and introverted child and while I loved playing outside and riding my bike everywhere, books were a sanctuary.

Time to myself.

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