Pinterest Project: Kitchen Art

My latest Pinterest Project is for kitchen wall art. The walls of our little rental have been drab and sad for far too long! I tried shopping for wall decor, but I didn't want to spend $30-$50 on wall art that just seemed so store-bought. You know what I mean?

I got the idea from Spunky Junky. She has an awesome silverware art tutorial over here. Please go take a look at her tutorial! Its hilarious and she has a pretty rockin' blog. Do it.

Ok, on to my version:


 I promise to get a picture of them on the wall later. Our dining room window is super shaded and you have to take photos at just the right time of day.

Here's the supplies priced out:

I don't have a craft table (yet) so I do a lot of my crafting on the floor. Now you get to see our crummy carpet. Yay!

  • Silverware - ($1.50) 5 each of forks, knives and spoons; I picked these up from the thrift store for 10 cents a piece. I think it looks better if you have different styles of silverware mixed together.
  • 3 frames - ($3.00) I bought 8 1/2x11 document frames from Dollar Tree.
  • Paint and primer - ($7.00) I spent a little more money on the paint and primer to get Rustoleum's paint for metal, plastic and wood. I also picked a color that I wanted to use for multiple projects.
  • 3 Fabric Quarters - ($5.00) I had a coupon from JoAnn's. Again, I plan to use the rest of this fabric for other projects in my kitchen.
  • Matte Modpodge 
  • Hot glue
So for a total of $16.50, I got a collection of art for my dining room! Woohoo!!

I was in a hurry when I painted my frames, since it was supposed to rain and all we have is our uncovered patio for painting....So, I ended up with a few little areas where the primer shows through. I actually really like it! It gave the pieces a little bit of a worn feel without having to distress anything. Happy accidents. :)

I basically followed Spunky Junky's tutorial, so I don't want to steal her thunder for this. Its all her!  Go check out her tutorial.

The only thing I changed was I used Modpodge to attach my fabric to the glass for each frame, simply because its what I had on hand.

Here's a picture of the glass. It gives you  better look at the fabric. It was this super cute pale yellow stripe with white outlines of dandelions.

My fabric modpodged to the glass. I trimmed my edges after letting the modpodge dry.
Again all my pics are with a phone so bear with me on photo quality.

In our dining room. I think I'm going to add large canvases to either side to bulk it up/ cover the phone jack we don't use.

NOTES: I had to re-glue two pieces of my silverware after fiddling around with how to hang it up and smashing it with my level  dropping my level on it. SO, this project is a little delicate (or just don't drop crap on it). Also, each piece weighed a little over a pound. I didn't trust the cheapie wall hangers on the back of the dollar store frames. Plus, less holes in our walls = less patching when we move out. I used 3M picture frame stickies to hang them up.

Happy Frugal Crafting!!

Check it out.
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