Five Things Friday

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TGIF! Even as a short week, this one went on fooorrreeevvveeerrrr (does anyone else think of The Sandlot when someone says that? No? Just me? Ok).

Every Friday I post five things I am grateful for. It keeps bad moods in check to remember all the good things going on in life.

  1. Short work week. Enough said.
  2. Recipes from childhood. I made what my family calls 'Mexican Casserole' this week. Is it good for you? Definitely not, but it tastes like being 10 years old again.
  3. Starting down the path to living the dream.
  4. My anniversary! Two years with T and it just keeps getting better. :)
  5. Strawberry season. Yum.
Hope your week went well! Now, tally up your own five things and bask in the happiness.

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