Busy Bee

This weekend flew by! Why, oh why, is it Monday again?

  • Friday night was grocery shopping and seeing a movie (we had a giftcard, so it was at  the fancy theatre, not the dollar theatre. lol). We saw Snow White and the Huntsman. It was terribly disappointing...I love fairytale re-tellings and this had the plot line to be a good one, but with very little character development and little explanation for some of the crazy happenings, this was a let down. :/

  • Saturday was house cleaning, pool time, and a cookout with friends. I threw together an Ambrosia Salad to take along with us. Recipes from grandmas are some of the best! Even if they're not the healthiest. :)

  • Sunday we got up early, ate breakfast out, and made the trek to Ikea (~1&1/2 hours away). We had never been there before and were absolutely stunned by some of the amazing deals! We picked up everything we needed to make this Ikea hack and got two person workspace with storage for ~$200. Not to mention, T got the standing desk he's been wanting and I have room to leave out my sewing machine. We are planning to sell our old desk, either to someone we know, or Craigslist it (yes, I just made that a verb) to recoup some money. If we get our asking price (it's a really nice desk!), then we will only have put out $125 for our new set up. Not bad!

Good news, I have a craft table and our whole office is re-organized! I have pillows for the couch, and some frugal crafting going on! Yay!

Bad news: I'm terrible at taking before picture of anything, which makes showing organizing solutions hard. I still haven't finished any of those frugal crafting projects. I keep starting new things and not quite finishing the others, but I hope to finish some things up this week.

This week is proving to be pretty busy, also. T's parents will be here Friday through Monday, so I'm in super cleaning mode. Plus, I'm trying to meal plan for this weekend.

Any big plans for your week?

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