Five Things Friday

Every Friday I post five things I'm grateful for.

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All week I have gone to bed late, mostly because I want to finish just one more chapter of the book I'm reading. I'm still not done with the book and I'm left feeling exhausted today. But, as always, there are certainly five things to be grateful for this week.

  1. Beautiful weather. It has been hovering in the 70s here, with a light breeze. Windows thrown open. Gorgeous. 
  2. Our little townhome. I love where we live and T was just saying the other day that it finally feels like "home". I completely agree.
  3. Insurance. I didn't even know how much my prescription would cost without insurance until I didn't have it while transitioning from school to job and paid a whopping $75....and it was a generic! Now I pay less than $10 every month. Thank goodness!
  4. Iced coffee from home. mmmmmm.
  5. T is all done with his Master's degree!!! only four more years to the Ph.D.
What are you grateful for this week?

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