Five Things Friday

From building office furniture, to hanging curtain rods, and cleaning everything in between, this week has left me exhausted and grumpy. Not exactly where I wanted to be by Friday. All the same, there are always at least 5 things (usually more) I can be grateful for...

  1. T. He's such a good partner. He supports in all my projects and makes me laugh. Plus, he leaves me alone in the mornings. I'm sure this as much for his own safety as it is my mindset (its the one bit of deep grouchiness I can't seem to get rid of...he lets me keep it).
  2. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. To. Die. For.
  3. Our office revamp and my new craft space. I love that I have somewhere to get creative without hindering any other part of our house (dining table, living room, etc.). It has become my favorite room in the house. :D
  4. Fast sewing projects. Completing that ruffled pillow cover made me feel like I could sew anything...and reminded me to get out of my crafting comfort zone every once and a while.
  5. Fresh flowers. Every now and then I like to have a vase full in our kitchen/dining area. It perks everything right up and leaves me feeling more joyful than before.
What are you grateful for this week?

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