I'm still crafting...

I'm just, also, doing a lot of life right now. I'm at a point in my projects where I still need a few more items for each thing and I have just been too darn busy (and a little too lazy) to drive to the craft store and pick them up. Eventually there will be a Michael's about 1 minute from me. Not my favorite store, but I have a feeling I will be spending plenty of time (and money) there.

On another note, we're car shopping this week! Fun stuff!.... except not really because I hate talking to car salesmen.

Our cars aren't too old (2005, 2006), but mine is the main one we use since we are able to carpool together to work. My car is getting close to 100,000 miles and is at a point where repairs are large and costing major money. T's truck just sits parked (and sometimes getting tickets), since gas costs so much and I refuse to parallel park that beast in this city.

Here's where hard core frugal people would protest our plan: we will be trading in both vehicles to get a new car. No, we are not buying used. I know, I know, used is supposedly the way to go. However, T and I discussed it and think that we would rather enjoy a year or two of a brand new car now, before we have kids. Plus, it allows us to know all of the car's maintenance history. This is nice, since we plan to keep this car for a good, long, while.

This means we will be taking on a car payment (our old vehicles were paid for), but we hope to have it payed off within 2-3 years.

If we absolutely need another mode of transport, we are thinking of  a cheap, used scooter for little trips to the store etc. while the other is using the car. First, we're going to see how we do with one vehicle for a while.

Are any of you a one car household? How does it work out for you?


  1. We've been a one-car household for six years, and it works pretty well. My husband is in school, and I work on campus. So the carpooling is no problem. The only wrinkle has happened since we had a baby in January, and it's a little more trouble to get everyone out and about. But we're making it work--no regrets!

    1. T and I are in the same boat, he goes to school and I work on campus. Good to hear that it works out!

  2. As a mom-economist, I can tell you, buying new is long as you keep the car for a long time. Like 8-10 years. (and of course you are making payments to yourself once the new car is paid off, so you can pay cash for the next - slightly used - one...)


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