Five Things {Friday} Monday

In my rush to get out of work early, get all our camping gear together and get out the door, I didn't make my usual Five Things Friday post.

So, instead I have a Five Things Monday for you.

I could probably use it, after all the grouch that was going on this morning...poor T.

Five things from the past week that have brought me joy/ I am grateful for:

  1. Good food. We had a fancy seafood dinner Saturday to celebrate T's graduation (with his Master's). Creme brulee anyone? Thank you for the gift card mom and dad!
  2. Talks with T. Sometimes we have the best conversations together.
  3. Water. I love it! Carbonated, not carbonated, optional lemon wedge, room temp or ice cold. Delicious.
  4. Sleep. Good, all-the-way through the night, wake up refreshed sleep. 
  5. Music. A good song has the ability to change my whole outlook for the day.


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