Five Things Friday

T commented that I was in a more chipper mood than usual this morning. I said, "because its Friday!". This week, I have been living for Friday to get here.

I thought this was pretty funny considering my recent jump into zen time...which didn't last.  Photo Credit.

Yay Friday! Here it is, folks!

And here, as usual, are the five things that brought me joy this week...

  1. T. Always.
  2. Iced coffee with my co-worker. We even sat outside for a few minutes and enjoyed the warmth outside of our frigid lab.
  3. Grad Student Trivia Night. T kept telling me it was fun and gosh-darn-it if he wasn't right. ;)
  4. A friend's engagement! She deserves this wonderful relationship! Plus, she put me in charge of her wedding crafts....anything that feeds my Pinterest addiction is OK by me.
  5. Indian food. mmmmmmm....
Here's hoping you had a wonderful week!

And if it wasn't so wonderful, there's always wine. :)

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