Happy -belated- 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th!

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Here was our day, yesterday:

  • T made us breakfast, while I slept in (YUM!). 
  • We lazed around and played some Mario on our Super Nintendo. Yes, you read that right: Huge nerd alert! 
  • We meandered over to our complex's pool, which was blissfully not busy. Did our Insanity workout for the day (I'll have a post about this soon...). 
  • Packed up our things and went one town over for a free symphony concert and fireworks (and sweat, lots of sweat!)....once the concert was over, it looked like a storm was headed that way, so we left, raced the storm home and stopped in a random cul de sac to watch thirty minutes of a different fireworks show. 
  • Topped the night off with a Dairy Queen stop. 

It was a pretty good day!

...And I had the hardest time getting up for work this morning, blech. Really, who thought of this whole day off in the middle of the week thing?

Oh, well.

We're super busy right now, getting our house cleaned up and organized before we go camping this weekend. We've been hosting one of our dear friends who didn't have power from last weekend's storms. She got her power back Tuesday night, thank goodness. But my thoughts go out to all of those, still without power. Record heat here, isn't helping the situation.

Everyone stay cool!

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