Pinterest Project: Tips That Work

Pinterest is absolutely loaded with tips and tricks for the house. You just never really know which ones work! So, I figured I would share a few that have actually worked for me....

Hair conditioner as shaving gel. This works so well! Once I ran out of my old shave gel, I just grabbed a bottle of suave conditioner that was sitting under our sink. You need just a thin layer of conditioner on your skin and you may need to rinse your razor a little more often; however, think how long a whole bottle of conditioner would last! I didn't think it was anymore drying or moisturizing than the "extra-moisturizing" (read: expensive!) shave gel I was using before. Plus, the bottle of Suave conditioner only cost me $1.09!
 Steam cleaning your microwave. This tip came from A Real-Life Housewife. Basically you mix water and vinegar in a microwave safe bowl. I didn't measure anything, I don't think you need to be exact....Microwave the mixture for 4-5minutes, you want to be simmering and producing steam. When the microwave stops, don't open the door! Let the steam sit in there for another 5 minutes. After that, carefully remove  the bowl from the microwave and wipe down all surfaces with a damp sponge. You won't even need to scrub!

Believe me....I may have let our microwave go for a full year without giving it a good wipe down before I did this (ick!). :/

Make your own cake flour. Instead of buying a bag of cake flour, make your own! There are two keys to this: cornstarch and lots of sifting. But it works! See the full tutorial over at Joy the Baker.

I couldn't track down where the original photo came from, but its been floating around Pinterest.
Cupcake liners as mason jar drink lids. For a while I was making these over night oatmeal smoothies. They are fabulous! T and I both love them. However, I needed a way to take mine on the go in the car. Throw a cupcake liner under the ring on a mason jar. Pop a straw through. Voila! An easy to -go lid. Not leak proof, but it works!

So, there you have it. Pinterest tips that work in real life!

If you want to see more Pins I have tried, you can click over to my Tried It board (real creative name, I know). I always edit each pin description to say what worked and whether I liked it or not.

Happy Pinning!


  1. I do the steaming the microwave thing too! It also works really well with lemon juice (and one time all I had was lime juice from the squeezy bottle) if you want to try a different scent.

  2. I just nuke a wet cloth/sponge for 2 minutes and leave it to sit for another 2-3 after. Does the same thing. You can use the hot cloth/sponge to wipe down the inside w/o scrubbing.


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