We went to the USA vs. Jamaica World Cup Qualifier last night. USA won 1-0. It was a whole lot of fun. I love the athleticism that soccer demands. Its such an intense and concise sport; no waiting around and watching 6,000 replays. Nope, play happened, carry on.

Plus, you've gotta love a sport where the stadium has hard cider on tap!

Now, I just need a nap in the middle of work.

The US uniforms are little on the "Where's Waldo?" side...

As we were getting ready to go to the stadium, I realized I have not one red, white and blue item in my wardrobe. Not even an Old Navy 4th of July shirt. Not one thing. So, regular red T-shirt it was. How unpatriotic of me.

Its ok, I don't think anyone noticed.

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