Five Things Friday

I think remembering how good we really have it is one of the keys to leading a happy life. So, every Friday I'll be posting five things that I am grateful for (in no particular order).  Let the happiness begin!

  1. Food! We may not have much money, but through some frugal grocery shopping and cooking at home we always have some freakin' tasty meals to eat!
  2. The husband: T. He can always make me laugh! Last night we both laughed our butts off while watching Jeopardy together (yeah, we're pretty boring).
  3. Having a job. I may complain about my job (it is BOOOOORRRRING, plus no passion for it), but at least I have one! Every day I hear about folks still looking and I am happy to have an income.
  4. Warm weather. It's officially summer! And the pool opens this weekend! :)
  5. Sparkling water. Preferably, with a slice of lemon. This is a weird one, but I am addicted to this stuff. It gives me the bubbly carbonation I want from soda without all the fake sweeteners and junk.
I'm already feeling a little bit better about being at work today...not to mention, this is leading up to a 3 day weekend.

And, yes, I blog at work. Sssshhhhhh.

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