Five Things Friday

I think I forgot to do this last week. I also think I was desperate for Friday. I think some day we should change around when the weekend is, like have Monday be the new Friday. Because Monday's always have it the worst.

And now here I am rambling about the days of the week. Again, desperate for Friday.

So, another week has gone by and here are five six things that made it pretty A-ok.

  1. A night out. Friends, booze, laughs, and late night food. It was all good.
  2.  T, of course. He understands that too much social interaction, in a short amount of time, makes me a ball of uncomfortable grump. So, I got a reprieve from his department potluck and he went alone. *sigh* Poor guy.
  3. Dr. Who. I'm addicted.
  4. Crochet. For some reason I've really taken to it (odd for me, since I'm not a fan of knitting)...I still haven't followed a pattern, but as soon as I get some more hooks and yarn I'll be ready to load up on fall scarves, from patterns!
  5. A long weekend! Yay! Its here! Its here! Only 5 more hours of work to go....
  6. BONUS: A new haircut! I went a little crazy and got a short, asymmetrical cut. I feel like I'm walking on the wild side every time I look in the mirror in the morning. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! And has an even better long weekend. :)

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