I became a CROCHETER.

So, you may have noticed very few updates in the way of projects around here. I could blame it on my obsession with Doctor Who. I could also blame it on the fact that I tried to make a patchwork table runner and it looks awful.....and gosh darn it! it will go on my table because I spent precious time on that thing. Seriously, its on my table looking terrible, reminding me that my sewing skills still haven't improved too much. And that I still hate to iron. *sigh* Or I could blame it on the fact that it takes a billion hours to get photos off of my phone and saved in any sort of decent quality to my computer.

But mostly I blame it on my new obsession with crocheting.

Infinity scarf/cowl. So lovely.

Since I've done five projects in two weeks, one of which was making myself a hook case, I think I can officially say I am a crocheter (doesn't that word look strange???).

One of the benefits of crochet is that I can watch three straight hours of Doctor Who and still feel productive. Or I can even choose to enlighten my mind and listen to NPR, jazz, or Michelle Obama's speech (which was beautiful, I don't care what "side" you're on).

But mostly I just watch Doctor Who. :)

Any new obsessions in your lives? TV, hobby, or otherwise...?


  1. yay new Doctor Who started, crocheting is awesome for tv watching, your being productive while still getting in some tv watching, same with knitting, its just kind of relaxing :)

  2. your crochet scarf turned out AWESOME! tutorial coming up? ;)


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